Dreams & Sleep
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The 5 Types

of Dreams

Normal Dreams

common dreams about people or experiences that we often forget


When we escape reality and visualize the past, present, and future throughout the day.

Lucid Dreams

Being completely aware and in control of the dream you are having while you sleep.

False Awakening Dreams

A vivid type of dream that feels like you have woken up but you are actually still asleep.


Disturbing, scary dreams that can feel extremely real.

When do we

Most dreams occur during the deepest stage of sleep (REM. About 20-25% of adult sleep occurs during REM stage. It is often associated with vivid dreams-this is when the brain is MOST active.

Stage 1: V ery light Stage 2: light Stage 3: deeper sleep Stage 4: very deep sleep Stage 5: REM Sleep,when we dream

Sleep Better:

  1. Meditate before bed
  2. Avoid spicy foods before bed
  3. Avoid scary movies and television before bed.
  4. Stick to a schedule