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If you have been dreaming of traveling to Japan, this travel site is packed with all the tips and information that you'll need to know! From foods to try, to how much money to budget, and the best places to shop, this site covers everything. Japan is a surprising combination of peace and chaos, old and new and has just the right amount of quirkiness to make it an addicting place to visit that will have you coming back for more! This is the ultimate and only resource guide you will ever need for visiting the "land of the rising sun”!


The Best Times of Year to Visit Japan

Your first step in planning your trip should be choosing which season you want to visit Japan in. Each season will provide visitors with its own unique experiences! Here is what you can expect in each season:


Japan has a fascinating and varied culture. If you’re looking to explore the side of Japan that is immersed in the deepest of traditions dating back thousands of years, here are some things you should do:

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Ryokan Stay

Enjoy high-quality hospitality in a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn). Sleep on futons on bamboo-lined floors and relax in communal baths. The service and food are always amazing.

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Tea Ceremony

Japan has perfected the art of creating the perfect cup of tea. Enjoy the best tea and experience the tea making process in a traditional tea ceremony!

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Temple Hopping

There are thousands of temples in Japan: some in the city and others hidden in forests in the mountains. Make it a personal challenge to see how many temples you can visit and how much history you can remember!


Japanese cuisine stretches far beyond the sushi rolls most Americans have come to associate the country with (although the sushi in Japan is always better)! Here are 3 foods we recommend while in Japan:

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Udon is a type of thick, chewy, wheat-flour noodle served hot as a noodle soup in a delicate broth that is usually topped with thinly sliced scallions. Additional toppings, like tempura prawn or deep-fried tofu, can be added. This meal was included on the list because the price is usually under $5 USD, making it a great lunch option for travelers on a budget.

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Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and filled with chopped octopus. After being fried in a special molded pan, the snack is topped with takoyaki sauce, pickled ginger, and many more!

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Dango is a lightly sweet dumpling made from rice flour. There are usually three to five dango and when bought from street vendors, it is often served on a skewer. The most iconic variation of the dessert is the pink, white, and green version. Dango can be eaten throughout the year in Japan, but there are different varieties that are traditionally eaten during a particular season.


In stark contrast to the traditional cultural side, be sure to visit multiple places in Tokyo where everything is always changing, with new fashion trends and technology being created every day!

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The Nihonbashi district once served as the capital of Japan as one of the leading centers of trade and commerce from 1603-1868. It is the site of Japan's first department store and many smaller shops with centuries-long histories. Due to recent & modern redevelopment, shoppers delight in Nihonbashi old fashioned style that sells traditional products and regional foods.

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Harajuku is a district in Shibuya, a special ward in Tokyo known for being a major commercial and business center. This district is very popular with younger generations (with their unique fashion styles), but also offers some historic sights and shopping for adults. The most visited area in Harajuku is Takeshita Street and its side streets, where you can find many trendy shops, fashion boutiques, used clothes stores, and food outlets!

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Akihabara is a district in central Tokyo best known for its numerous electronic retail stores. In the past two decades, the district has gained a lot of attention and a following due to a growth in shops that sell items surrounding anime, manga, and video games.