house photo

A house in Ewing, NJ filled with 11 girls just trying to have a good time in a place named Palace where all your dreams come true. Where the immune systems are invincible, and the vibes always good. Most of us student athletes trying to live in a world without 30 hours of their week taken up by a sport. Its a tough adjustment, but lots of naps are taken and plenty of Netflix binges. Taquitos are eaten at 3am, and the living room is always full of laughter and gossip. This semester has also thrown in a bit of a Corona scare, so we are now down to 7 the weak have been banished (not really they just chose to go home for a little bit).

House Tour

The slideshow above shows images of our house, and gives you a glimpse into our fun college lives. It is a little classier than your average frat house. Even if the pictures do not look it the house is clean most of the time I swear. Sit back and Enjoy the beauty of college living!

Palace Members

Group photo

Nikki(Who is home becasue #COVID), Gab (Full time Palace member), Mary (Here and then gone again back to the beach), Dani (Full time Palace member), Alli (Full time Palace member)

Sara (Full time Palce member), Jess (Full time Palce member), Sarah (Full time Palce member, but can be also seen at UD), Amelia (Full time Palce member), Lauren(Full time Palce member)

Not pictured: Faith (Not living here until January again #COVID), and Figs (Went home once again #COVID)