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Fashion Industry Facts

Transparency - Chemical Usage - Human Rights

Transparency concerns a company's status in regards to how openly they disclose aspects of their business. This includes disclosure of supplier lists, which is how a company communicates with the public that they are aware of how their clothes are being produced and under what conditions.


Shop Smart

Our societal obsession with fast fashion has spiraled out of control, with chain-reactions taking place and creating disastrous results for the environment as well as human rights. Being able to walk into a store and buy a dress for a low price has become customary to our culture. The low price of the garment may be cheap for the consumer – but a larger price is paid elsewhere.

The brands that produce these goods depend on dangerously low labor costs in order to sell their products at the low prices that we have come to expect. In addition, brands have become accustomed to cutting corners in terms of environmental safety in order to maximize their production and save money. Because of the disastrous effects of the fashion industry, it is our job as consumers to take a stand against these corporations by favoring the brands that are dedicated to navigating the sustainability issues and ethical concerns and demand that they do better.