Natalie La Spisa

Just your average Junior.

Infographic Project

Injustices to farm animals in the United States. An informative project.

Collaborative Project

Informing on the plight of factory workers in the fashion industry.

ARBRE E-Commerce Site

Wordpress is the worst.


A Portfolio of My Work


Everything we've done in class!

Travel Site

New Zealand is a beautiful country! Here's a website about it! All photos from Unsplash.

Webflow Layout Grid

I don't remember what this is supposed to be.

Video Page

Not a fan of this one.


A website about the design studio, Mina Lima, in London!


Using Dreamweaver.

Word Press

Again, not so much liking the whole Wordpress thing.


Everything we've done in class!

Exercise A

Stacked boxes.

Exercise B

Stacked boxes that are responsive.

Exercise C

Offset boxes.

Exercise D

Boxes that are next to and on top of each other.

Exercise E

Boxes at all four corners.

Exercise F


Exercise H

Some full page rectangles that are responsive.

Media Query

Responsive layouts. Here's a second one.


Here's a heart.


Here's some more type.

Dreamweaver Test

playing with some layouts.

SVG Test

playing with some layouts.