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the Poconos

Come visit the wonderful Poconos in northern Pennsylvania. The vast forrest provides a great place to camp and hike, along with lakes, waterfalls, and other attractions to visit.
Escape to the great outdoors.

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A mountain overlooking the Delaware Water Gap, with a 3.5 mile trail through the Worthington State Forest to get the the top.

Information taken from njhiking.com

This is one of the most popular hikes in New Jersey. You probably won’t have the trail to yourself but the view is worth the crowds. This is a stunning area of New Jersey and is gorgeous in any season. Go to the far end of the parking lot, head over the bridge, and walk along Dunnfield Creek. At the trail split (big ole sign there, can’t miss it), bear right to another bridge over the creek for Dunnfield Falls and water cascades. Retrace the route back to the lot. This is an option if some people in a group don’t want to do the whole hike. The full route to Mount Tammany passes the falls and bridge on the way back so this could be a meeting area before hiking back along the creek together.

The Delaware Water Gap is nowhere near the state of Delaware, as many people often believe. A “water gap” is when a river carves a notch through a mountain range. At the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Delaware River has cut through the Kittatinny Ridge leaving a large gap with Mt. Tammany on the New Jersey side, and Mt. Minsi on the Pennsylvania side. There is a parking lot on the right, then a large main lot (parking on the grass area past the main lot is no longer allowed). The road is one way so you can’t backtrack to a passed lot unless you get back onto Rt 80 and come around.