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Welcome to Greece!

Things to Do

Greece a varied amount of different activities that range from sitting on a beach to exploring some of there most famous architecture. Tours are held to explore different historical parts of the country. Also if you are of the legal drinking age nothing beats day drinking on a cruise around one of Greeceā€™s many islands.

Places to Visit

Greece is a beautiful country that is in the southeastern part of Europe that has thousands of islands that one can explore. Some places that Greece is well known for are the black sand beaches of Santorini and the party resorts of Mykonos. Not only is Greece and fun and relaxing vacation spot but it still retains and landmarks from the 5th century and this includes the Acropolis.


Where to Eat

Greek food is very popular all over the world but nothing compared to food being made by someone who had had a family recipe passed down from the generation before. There are many classic dishes that are essential to try like souvlaki(grilled meat skewers, moussaka( Greek lasagna), and horitaki salata (Greek salad). Also be sure to try greek delights like olives, feta cheese, and pistachios.