Pallet 2 Palate

Pallet 2 Palate is a farm to table, organic foods magazine. This is a cover design and spread.

Herb Lubalin Typography Timeline

Herb Lubalin was known as "The King of Typography." This poster was inspired by distorted type.

Trek Bikes Website Redesign

Our class had to choose a website to redesign. I chose Trek Bikes and targeted the homepage layout and graphics.

Cricket Creek Brochure And Logo

Cricket Creek Woodworks is based in New Jersey. They are a custom furniture company for people and pets. For this project, I designed 3 variations of brochures and a revised logo.


SPACE is a 2D project with the involvement of shapes and shading by only using only lines and dots.

Custom Typeface

For this custom typeface, I wanted a slight disconnect from other typefaces. This was accomplished with the letters based off the O character.

The Man With The Golden Arm Book Cover Redesign

This story is about a man who is lied to by his wife so he remains with her. He has many chances to escape but lets them "slip through" and remains trapped.

A Million Little Pieces Book Cover Redesign

A Million Little Pieces is about a man who tells his story about his struggles of addiction.

Salty Boutique Social Media Advertisements

Salty Boutique is a high end women's clothing store in Rochester, NY. At my time at Rochester Institute of Technology, our class designed various social media ads for Salty Boutique. These ads consisted of limited text because the customer demographics were younger individuals (16-32).

Launch Snowboards Binding Box

As a designer, I discovered a local snowboard company and asked if I could create design work for them. During my time at Launch Snowboards, one of my major accomplishments was designing their new snowboard binding box.

Launch Snowboards Website Sliders

At Launch Snowboards, I also worked on website graphics such as website sliders promoting boards, riders, and events.

Surface Skis Freeskier Advertisement

For Surface Skis I had the opportunity to create a magazine ad for Freeskier Magazine. It was published; however, a last minute revision was made to the color and design of the overall piece.

Seymour Chwast Folding Invitation

For this project we had to create a folding invitation with a die cut. I chose artist and designer Seymour Chwast. Seymour Chwast started a company called push pin studios which is where my inspiration came from to create a folding push pin design and die cut.

Ninety Degree Beans Coffee Package Design

This project is based off Russian Constructivism design with the backwards letters and solid red and yellow colors.

Walter White Sketch

In Drawing I, we had to recreate Walter White from an image with limited viewing time.

McDonald's Type Poster

This McDonald's poster is type dominant. The fry container is made up of the slogan "i'm lovin it." The poster symbolizes emptiness.

Various Snowboard Graphics

During my time at Launch Snowboards, I have also worked with a variety of individuals to create board graphics for them. The left graphic was designed for NELK and they were even sent a board with this graphic. The middle one was designed for OBEY. They very much liked the design; however, they were not interested in creating snowboards. The right graphic is a collaboration with Seymour Chwast. Seymour loved the colors and the overall board graphic.

Custom Snowboard Designs

In my free time I enjoy creating various snowboard graphics. If you are in need of a new snowboard, why not have a custom graphic that suits you? Feel free to reach out for pricing and design ideas and we can get started creating your one of a kind snowboard. These boards can be promotional advertisements for ski resorts and receive plenty of compliments as well.