How To Miss Your 8 AM Class

This is a quick and easy, fun way to miss your 8 ams! This recipe has received such incredible feed back through the years; it’s near impossible to screw this one up. It’ll just require a few ingredients, and I promise you might just feel a little guilty by the time you’re done missing your 8 am class.

stressed college kid



  1. Make sure you have that 8 am class, otherwise this recipe will fail.
  2. The night before class, make sure you act on your good intentions, and set your alarm to go off at 7 am.
  3. As it gets later in the night, make sure you channel those, “I’m young and want to live life wild, but safely during a pandemic” vibes, and settle on watching just a few more episodes of your chosen show on Netflix, Hulu, or your favorite streaming subscription.
  4. Finish up your show, and double check that your alarm is set, along with your volume up pretty high, and then fall asleep happy.
  5. Optional: throw in that long distance partner and add a nice 2 hour facetime to the already late hour you had planned on going to bed at.
  6. This is the most crucial step of our recipe: when that alarm goes off, you must turn it off, and then fall asleep again. There you have it: a missed 8 am class!

If this recipe left you feeling just a little bit guilty about missing class, check out this link for "How To Make It To Your 8 AM Class", it may be more to your liking.